History of Beginning

Fi-Fa Shoe-and-shoe, was established in 2001 as a new brand that has a showroom and fashion lines in China that suit all the world in all cultures such as the countries of America, Latin America and the North African countries and as we have many customers in these countries we decided to transfer the trade to Dubai and then moved to the Middle East and To Egypt and opening of the first branch in 2005.

Fi-Fa Personality

Fi-Fa Shoe-and-shoe formed with the help of a team of young people who are familiar with the latest lines of fashion and networks, modern technology and graphic and have a diverse vision in the face of social and environmental variables throughout the year and during the four seasons.

Our Success

Today, after 13 years and after a lot of effort and development, we have ten branches inside Egypt and we are always looking for more.

Fi-Fa Shoe-and-shoe shops were designed in selected locations to provide time and effort to their customers and designed the decor of the shops in a manner commensurate with the philosophy of their customers and was keen to put her positioning in most areas available in Egypt by brand awareness

Our Vision

Fi-Fa Shoe-and-shoe has branches and we strive to be thirty branches within the republic within five years and to form a broad base of customers by addressing the size of the permanent demand in the market buyers according to the wishes of our customers.

You are welcome and we will complete the road …

Our Mission

Our mission is to adapt these variables and to develop and update the products according to the fashion lines .

Through marketing researching with out customers participate, we get a

Our Branches


* El Mashaya, Front Police Club (0502200146)


* El Mashaya, Front El Sallab Mosque  ( 0502200075)


* El Sekka El Gedida (0502375051)


* El Galaa (0502944614)


* El Gamaa Plaza Mall, Floor2 (0502367842)


* Portsaid ST (0502233007)